Alternative Energy Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Alternative Energy Ukraine

Ukrainian renewable programs Ukraine

A massive hydroelectric power station on the Dnipro river, which is known as "Dniprovska HES", is on its way to becoming the biggest hydroelectric power plant in Europe. It generates 4 thousand kilowatts of energy per hour. Ukraine has a lot to gain by exploring an alternate energy source. The first choice is definitely to build a nuclear power station on the river. The question though is, will it be enough to meet the electricity needs of the entire country? 

For now, Ukraine is leaning more towards solar energy, mainly since the sun offers the greatest amount of energy throughout the year.

But for hydrocarbons, they're just not as reliable as the wind. Hydrocarbon output is limited and erratic and even when the rain comes, there's no guarantee that the output will be consistent. Moreover, with all the turbines that have been built in the last ten years, the reliability of the fuel is no longer guaranteed either. It is far more dependable and secure to rely on alternative energy like that provided by the wind.

As for solar, there is a program called "Reservoir Solar Power" in Kyiv. This program is managed by the Ukrainian Institute of renewable energy (UEFE) and the aim is to develop technology for constructing over 20 photovoltaic power stations by 2021. This is an ambitious target but one that can be met by Ukraine. If this rate is maintained then Ukraine will become a world leader in solar and other alternative energy sectors. Moreover, the Ukrainian government has committed to giving all citizens free access to renewable energy sources and this is also an encouraging step towards cleaner energy and more efficient electricity tariffs for private households in Ukraine.

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