Amazing Indicators of Tourist Fees in Kiev

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, February 23, 2022
Amazing Indicators of Tourist Fees in Kiev

In 2021, tourists increased the budget of the capital of Ukraine by $2.6 million

Kyiv city council published statistics for 2021. Politicians reported that a new financial record was set last year. It concerns tourism in the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv has attracted many tourists:

  • 900 thousand foreign tourists;
  • 2 million domestic vacationers.

In cash, all the tourists spent $2.6 million in 12 months.

Deputy of the Kyiv council Vyktoryia Mukha reported that the city is planning to further develop tourist business. The following tourism activities are planned to be improved:

  • Historical and cultural;
  • Event;
  • Medical;
  • Business;
  • Gastronomic.

It should also be mentioned that in a few years Ukrainian tourism became even more popular. Revenues from tourism increased almost twice. Foreign and Ukrainian tourists have identified tourism leaders. It is:

  • Kyiv;
  • Odessa;
  • Lviv;
  • Zakarpattia regions.

Thus in 2021, the Ukrainian budget received a record $8.5 million tourist fee. This is 86.8% ($4.2 million) higher than the 2020 result. 2021 also broke the previous record. The last peak was in 2019 — $6.7 million.

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