“Amazon Prime” Launched Ukrainian Dubbing

by Olha Povalaieva
Thursday, December 22, 2022
“Amazon Prime” Launched Ukrainian Dubbing

"Jack Ryan" has launched subtitles and an audio series in Ukrainian since the 3rd season

On December 21, the 3rd season of the TV series Jack Ryan starring John Krasinski, will be released on Amazon Prime. That is the first Ukrainian dubbing on AP ever. Bonus for patriots and intellectuals: from season 3, viewing is available in Ukrainian. For those foreigners who decide to learn Ukrainian, also available Ukrainian subtitles. So, 100 million users of the Amazon Prime service will have the opportunity to understand why the Ukrainian language is called nightingale.

From February 24 (the start of the war) to the present day, more than 1.3 million foreigners have started learning the Ukrainian language.

Ukrainian is the 26th most spoken language worldwide. It's native to around 37 million people and the 2nd language for another 15 million. Also, the Ukrainian language has semi-official status in Cook Country, Illinois.

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