America to Hand Ukraine $40 Billion Within Lend-Lease

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, May 19, 2022
America to Hand Ukraine $40 Billion Within Lend-Lease

On May 19, the US Congress voted to sign the bill on aid to Ukraine

In April, Joseph Biden introduced a project that would give $33 billion to Ukraine. The assistance should take place within the framework of the recently signed Lend-Lease. Congress backed the president and Ukraine by increasing aid to $40 billion.

On 11 May, the House of Representatives voted to pass the bill. They wanted to send the document to the president for signing earlier, but the process met with problems.

On 16 May, the senators supported the continuation of the approval procedure.

So, today, on May 19, American politicians voted for the second time to provide aid to Ukraine. Eighty-six members of the Upper House of Congress supported Biden’s initiative in a vote. Eleven Congressmen were opposed. However, the law is signed by a majority opinion and goes to the final stage.

$40.1 billion will be provided to help Ukraine in the war with Russia after the document is signed by American president Joseph Biden.

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