American agency AG MANAGEMENT sold two agricultural businesses to the Ukrainian A.G.R. Group

Thursday, April 8, 2021
American agency AG MANAGEMENT sold two agricultural businesses to the Ukrainian A.G.R. Group

Agro-holding A.G.R. Group became the new owner of DP «Alpha-Pharm» and DP «Eurasia-Agro» in Kherson region.

According to the official website of A.G.R. Group, the buyer’s interests were represented by the international law firm Baker McKenzie, which also accompanied all transactions and related documents, and the seller — Kinsel&Co. Taking into account the purchase of enterprises the land bank A.G.R. Group is 32 thousand hectares, and about 2 thousand hectares are in irrigation.

The acquisition of these enterprises is part of the development strategy of the A.G.R. Group irrigation system and its owner Misaka Hidirian.

"Our goal is to bring investments in the construction of irrigation system on all fields of the Kherson cluster, automation of water and electricity consumption, increase of yields and minimisation of dependence on weather conditions by irrigation", — noted Igor Bogdanov, Director of Information Technology.

The company, which is actively developing in various directions of optimizing the cultivation of agricultural crops, has developed a plan to increase crop yields by increasing the area of irrigated land, developing systems for regulating water balance and increasing the agricultural capacity of the holding.

"In 2021, irrigation in Kherson will involve about 1930.1 hectares of maize, 100 hectares of soy, 304 hectares of winter barley, 119.6 hectares of winter wheat, and 304 hectares of bitter soy (the second harvest) after winter barley. Part of the rain-fed land will be left to occupied and clean steam. A number of field experiments to improve elements of crop technology in the conditions of the Kherson oblast will also be initiated", — shared by Hablak Sergey, Head of the Plant technology implementation and Monitoring department.

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