American “Coursera” Added the Ukrainian History Course 

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, January 30, 2023
American “Coursera” Added the Ukrainian History Course 

Platform developers, together with Ukrainian universities, have created a free course on the history of Ukraine

The Ministry of culture of Ukraine reported that the Ukrainian institute, the online education studio Edera, the national university The Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and the American platform Coursera created a joint project. Specialists from the education sector have created a course on studying the history of Ukraine. The educational program is already located on the Coursera platform and has free access.

The course was named Ukraine: History, culture, and identity. It covers not only the developments that have developed Ukraine, but also the country's influence on European and world development. The program has 5 modules and is supplemented with historical texts, videos, and Internet resources. All this will help the algorithm of knowledge about the country where almost a year is war.

By the way, the course is placed on Coursera and has already received recognition from the University of Washington. 

Yes, the history of Ukraine is almost always about the struggle for freedom. But even now the country's new history is about a sense of dignity and development. Earlier, the Ukrainian platform Edera and the Ukrainian Institute developed a course for Swiss director and lecturer Mark Wilkins. The course is called Ukrainian Culture: Understanding the country and its people.

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