American General: Investments in Ukrainians Are Very Profitable

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, November 10, 2022
American General: Investments in Ukrainians Are Very Profitable

On October 6 former US Army chief of staff general Jack Keane said why is essential to invest in the victory of Ukraine

The American television channel Fox News reports that Jack Keane, despite the position of the Republicans, advocates investing money in Ukraine. According to him, the US transferred relatively little money to Ukraine. But with their help, Ukrainian soldiers succeeded in the war with Russia. He also noted that Ukrainians die for the interests of the US. Later, the military explained its words.

"We have a budget of $6 trillion, but it's a few hundred billion more. We have invested only $66 billion a year in Ukraine. That's 1.1% of the budget. And we get disproportionately large benefits," said Jack Keane.

In his view, Ukraine's armed forces were able to become a deterrent force for the Kremlin. Moscow failed to occupy Ukraine and started dictating its rules in other former Soviet republics. This means that Russia cannot influence the West — an army that failed to break the Ukrainians will not be a threat to America. He also shared his opinion about the nuclear threat and stressed that it could be avoided only by investing in Ukraine.

"The risks of nuclear war would be much higher (if Russia captured Ukraine and turned to threats to NATO countries — ed.). The consequences of such a conflict are far from clear to either side. We avoided this during the cold war — a conventional war between two nuclear powers. Therefore, such an investment — it is in Ukrainians, who in the interests of the US are fighting Russia, is very profitable," stressed Jack Keane.

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