An Unusual Exhibition in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 21, 2022
 An Unusual Exhibition in Ukraine

An exhibition was opened in the country with the bones of a mammoth and a woolly rhino

On February 14, Ukrainian archaeologists presented a new exhibition. The exposition opened in central Ukraine, Dnipro. People became interested in the event as all exhibits were found in Ukraine only recently. All the finds were brought from the Ukrainian H-31 road, which had just begun to be built.

Many plates were found on the road. Due to ceramic forms, researchers can talk about local people's contacts with other groups. Thanks to excavations, it became possible to assume that people during the Middle Bronze Age (16th-17th st. BC) were actively in contact with the population of the territory of Kyiv.

Archaeologists also found a bronze ship that was manufactured in the Caucasus during the Eneolite period. This means that the long-standing population of the territories of modern Dnipro has had active contacts and permanent links with the peoples of the Caucasus.

The most striking remains were those of a mammoth and a rhinoceros.

"The oldest artifact is the fossil bones of the Ice Age. These are bones of mammoth, woolly rhinoceros and other animals that lived here approximately 45 thousand years ago," told the head of the archaeological expedition Conserved archaeological service of Ukraine of the cathedra of the archaeology of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine.

Ukrainian and German scientists will study the findings after the exhibition in Dnipro.

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