Anniversary of the Russian Missile Attack on Kramatorsk Train Station

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, April 8, 2023
Anniversary of the Russian Missile Attack on Kramatorsk Train Station

The Russian "Tochka-U" striked the crowd of 4.000 Ukrainian civilians who were waiting for an evacuation train

On April 8, 2022, Russian terrorists sent a Tochka-U missile to the railway station of Kramatorsk town, Donetsk region. At that time, there were around 4.000 people with children at the station who were waiting for the evacuation train. The Russian rocket killed 59 people, including children. More than 109 people were injured. Many survivors were left without arms or legs.

Russian propaganda celebrated this event and called it "successful training on a military base." However, when photos of pools of blood and torn bodies appeared on the internet, the Russian media changed one lie for another: they began to publish fake news that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had hit Tochka-U on a group of Ukrainian civilians. Further, Russian propagandists tried to assure their audience that there were no Tochka-U in service with the Russian army, but experts from the Conflict Intelligence Team proved a month before the tragedy that the Russians had returned to using these weapons. After the second lie, culminating in exposure, the Russian media tried to claim that the serial number of the rocket that killed people in Kramatorsk proves that the missile belongs to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, it is known that the serial number is a factory marking that does not carry information about the weapon's owner.

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