Another £2.3 Bln for Ukraine From the UK

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 29, 2022
Another £2.3 Bln for Ukraine From the UK

Ben Wallace announced the allocation of additional funds for 2023 to arm Ukraine

On December 29, The Guardian published a statement by British defence secretary Ben Wallace on allocating an additional military tranche for Ukraine. In 2023, Ukraine will receive from the UK more weapons, shells and other military assistance from the UK for a total of £2.3 billion. Also, the state will help Ukraine to purchase the necessary equipment from other countries.

According to Wallace, he said that Britain would provide Ukraine with its knowledge and experience in order to strengthen Ukraine's position in both ground defence and air defence.

"We should point out and remind the world that what we're seeing is Russia breaking international law, systematically being involved in war crimes and rape and all those things and you can't ignore that we have to all stand up to that and make sure Russia understands that unless it ceases what it is doing now, there will be long term consequences," Ben Wallace.

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