Another Canadian Military Packet for Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, April 23, 2023
Another Canadian Military Packet for Ukraine

Anita Anand announced an allocation of $39 mln on ammunition and equipment

The Ramstein format meeting was held in Germany. The minister of defence of Canada, Anita Anand, announced that the government agreed to allocate for Ukraine $39 million to confront Russian aggression. The entire amount is intended for military support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These funds will be used to purchase the following:

  • 40 units of 50-calibre sniper rifles; 
  • Ammunition from American company Prairie Gun Works;
  • 16 radios for Leopard 2 tanks.

This weapon will cost $4.5 million. The remaining $34.6 million will be spent in the Trust Fund on a joint aid package to Kyiv.

The military support from Canada is essential for the Ukrainians in terms of continuing defence and preparing for attacks to liberate the occupied territories. Recall that the 11th Ramstein was dedicated to identifying military equipment for Ukraine in the coming months. Also, Kyiv told about the needs of the army. First of all, Ukraine needs missiles for air defence systems. The absence or lack of surface-to-air missiles will allow Russia to launch massive bombardments throughout Ukraine

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