Another Explosion in the Crimea

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Another Explosion in the Crimea

On August 16, in another part of Crimea, the second Ukrainian operation took place to destroy Russian military bases on the territory of the temporarily annexed peninsula

This is the second explosion in Crimea today. The first military deployment of the Russian military was performed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine at 8 am in the area of ​​Dzhankoy, Crimea. Just now, according to local residents, several explosions sounded at the Russian military airbase in the village of Gvardeyskoe, Simferopol region of Crimea. Black acrid smoke is now spreading over the air base. The information is confirmed by Russian media: it is reported that local departments are considering a version with a small drone attack.

Glory to Ukraine! Crimea is Ukraine!

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