Another Improvement in “Diia”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Another Improvement in “Diia”

In "Diia," users can get certificates of work and insurance seniority

The Ukrainian e-government service Diia recently presented a large number of new programs. But within a few days, the portal released another update. It is now possible to access employment and insurance certificates using the application. These documents are required in Ukraine when applying for a job when granting a pension when calculating sick pay.

Diia's project belongs to the Ministry of digital policy, so they commented on this innovation.

"Certificates of work and insurance history have become one of the most popular in Ukraine. Every year 2.8 million documents are issued. Now you can order them in the application by pressing one button. You can get them in a few minutes. Almost 75.000 such certificates have been ordered since launch. Another example that the state can and should be simple and convenient in life situations" was presented by the minister of digital transformation of Ukraine, Fedoriv Mykhailo.

The documents will be available for viewing or downloading in Diia. Users will also be able to obtain previously received help.

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