Antarctic Science Stations Scientists Stand Against War

“Wars contribute to global warming. Help us stop the Russians, save the climate and Antarctica”
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Just like every year, the world held an international march calling on people to take care of the climate. It was attended by Ukrainian scientists who are near Antarctica at the station Academician Vernadsky. The polarises noted that the war started by Russia took attention from the global problem — global warming. So scientists hope the war will soon be over and people will return to caring for nature. Ukrainians called for participation in the march "Stop the Russians to save the climate".

"The Antarctic Peninsula is the region with the fastest warming: average temperatures have risen by almost 3°C over the past 50 years. But now, due to the aggressive policy of countries such as Russia, the priority is to increase the defence capability of countries instead of solving environmental problems," the polarises of the Ukrainian station reported.

The marchers took a photo against the background of the station to demonstrate abnormally warm weather for Antarctica, where due to high humidity the temperature is only -17°C to confirm their words. All the participants were without warm clothes.

So, it is worth noting that international assistance to Ukraine has a hidden meaning. Every assistance to the armed forces of Ukraine and every law passed regarding the Russian army's punishment brings closer to Ukraine's victory. Once the explosions and fires stop on Ukrainian soil, global warming will stop rapidly approaching.

In addition to the "Academician Vernadsky station, colleagues from the air quality observatory at the German Antarctic station Neumayer III and colleagues from the French station Martin de Vivier, Amsterdam Island (part of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories) joined the campaign.

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