Infographics: An apple garden

Friday, February 12, 2021
Infographics: An apple garden

An apple garden in Ukraine in infographics. The garden is located in the steppe khon of the Kherson region.


  1. Nearby objects
  2. History
  3. Location
  4. Property rights
  5. Special purpose
  6. Environmental and sanitary standards
  7. Connections
  8. Goods
  9. Additional info


  • Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, village Stepanovka
  • Total area: 37 hectares
  • Price: $ 185 000

Nearby objects

  • Dnieper river - 4 km
  • Koshevaya river - 3 km
  • Kherson airport - 8.5 km
  • Rogozovatoe lake - 2 km
  • Kherson - 7 km


The apple garden includes 3 types of apple trees:

  • Golden delicious: 10 hectares
  • Aidared: 2 hectares
  • Semerenko: 25 hectares

The young garden is 5 years old and the elder one - 7,5.

The number of seedlings: 820 pcs.


The garden consists of younger and older trees.

The garden is located in the steppe khon of the Kherson region.

There are other gardens and rivers nearby: the Dnieper and Koshevaya.

Property rights

Agricultural land.

The object is not subject to change of purpose.

The land is privatized and privately owned.

Special purpose

Object type: agricultural purpose.

The purpose of the land: land plots for agricultural activity, personal peasant farming, gardening, truck farming, hayfields and cattle grazing, commercial agricultural production, farming.

TEnvironmental and sanitary standards

Fertile black soil and natural river humus create ideal conditions for the garden's productivity.

The soil is well moistened by the nearby rivers and lake.

The climate is dry steppe, mild winters and late autumn.


There are no communications on the territory of the garden.

Tree maintenance and harvesting is done by hand.



  • 2 people

Technique and equipment:

  • tractor "Friendship"
  • apple loader
  • tractor trailer
  • garden storage shed

Additional information

Drip irrigation from the Dnieper river and the Nikopol reservoir.

Garden planting scheme: 3 x 4

Sapling stock: 106

Yield 300 tons / year.

Total apple movement through the border line

Import: 117 000 tonnes

total amount - 136 533 USD

USD course - 23.96-26.90

Export: weight - 965 707 tonnes

total amount - 1 126 930 USD

USD course - 26.20-28.22

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