Application for Those Who Died

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 22, 2022
Application for Those Who Died

A Ukrainian has developed the "Idied" service, which will give the family of the deceased his last word/digital assets

Application developer Oleh Kopil has a useful habit of writing down all his ideas, insights, developments etc. He did not want all his achievements to be lost in the event of an irreparable tragedy. This is how the idea of the Idied service appeared: to give everyone the opportunity to say their last "love you" to family, to convey important data, and so on.

Now, this is perhaps the most relevant service of all, which only exists in Ukraine. Every day people die and go missing. Every Ukrainian, who goes to bed at night and does not know if he will wake up in the morning. Idied will help those who received the last letter from their friend/relative get through the loss. There is also a practical side to this service: thanks to it, the receiver can get important information from someone who is no longer in this world.

How the application works: the account owner writes a letter(s) for their relatives, which in case of death, will be sent to those people whom the author indicated as recipients. In the pro-version of the application, it monitors the last activity in Telegram, and in the basic version, the application declares death 30 days after it has not been logged in.
The service is fully encrypted, optimized and secure.

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