Approval of the Programme “Drinking Water of Ukraine”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, February 17, 2022
Approval of the Programme “Drinking Water of Ukraine”

The program aimed at improving the quality and quantity of drinking water for Ukrainians

The bill was supported by 338 Ukrainian politicians. The state budget and additional sources will provide $996 million for large-scale work. The state has already prepared more than $550 million for starting the project.

To implement the program, Ukraine will have to go through a complete reformation. The public water supply and drainage systems in settlements need to be reconstructed to replace modern solutions. It is planned to build or renovate:

  • 290 water intakes;
  • 280 water and sewage installations;
  • 79 installations for the final cleaning of drinking water;
  • 1.1 thousand pipes for water supply and drainage complexes;
  • 5 laboratories for quality of water.

It is expected that this will allow residents and" rel="dofollow">enterprises of the everyone region to make water supply more reliable and better.

Project USAID Economic support to eastern Ukraine reports that at the communal enterprise Water Company in the eastern part of Ukraine, work on modernization has already started. It should be noted that this company is the largest municipal enterprise in Europe, which provides people with water. The process of evolution of technical and economic substantiation is now started. This will allow the involvement of international financial institutions in the modernization of water pipelines and other infrastructure facilities.

All plans in the state have to be implemented by 2026. 

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