Astronomical Support for Ukrainian Lives

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, July 31, 2023
Astronomical Support for Ukrainian Lives

"United 24" ambassador and former astronaut Scott Kelly held an online meeting with Ukrainian doctors

On July 27, Ukraine celebrated the Day of medician. This profession is always essential, but it is as relevant as in the war, it has never been. Ukrainian doctors save the lives of thousands of civilians and soldiers who suffered from the atrocities of Russia. Scott Kelly understands the burden on the shoulders of Ukrainian doctors because he used to work as an emergency medical technician. Kelly told how he got into the medical field and what injuries he saw: at the age of 18, the ambassador was able to help with knife and gunshot wounds, and even help with labour. Time passed, but the desire for volunteerism did not disappear. Now the former American astronaut is raising funds for Ukraine. Kelly has already raised more than $650.000 for the medical needs of Ukrainians. The ambassador reported that the fundraising for the emergency vehicles is still ongoing.   

Ukrainian doctors at an online meeting told about what is happening on the battlefield and the needs experienced by doctors on the 523 days of the war. The doctors also thanked Scott Kelly for his help.

Doctors of Ukraine at the level of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting for life. They succeed thanks to the support of ambassadors United24.

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