Atomic Disconnect

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, April 24, 2023
Atomic Disconnect

UK, Canada, USA, Japan, and France created an alliance to exclude Russia from the nuclear market

On April 16, at the G7 climate, energy and environment Ministers summit in Sapporo, Japan, was signed an agreement between 5 states on cooperation in the development and logistics of civilian nuclear resources in order to destroy Russian control over supply chains.

"This agreement will be used as the basis for pushing Putin out of the nuclear fuel market entirely, and doing so as quickly as possible, to cut off another means for him to fund his barbaric attack on Ukraine and fundamentally leave Russia out in the cold," reports the UK government portal.

The UK, Canada, USA, Japan, France alliance is the backbone for the safe and fast provision of uranium fuel as the world needs low-carbon fuel supplies without Russian manipulation of cold and hunger. Breaking ties with Russia will strengthen the energy security and independence of the world, increase investment in cleaner and cheaper energy, and, accordingly, reduce utility prices.

"This is the next vital step, uniting with other countries to show Putin that Russia isn’t welcome anymore, and in shoring up our global energy security by using a reliable international supply of nuclear fuel from safe, secure sources," the minister of energy security of the UK Grant Shapps. 

"The UK has been at the very heart of global efforts to support Ukraine, defeat Putin and ensure neither him nor anyone like him can ever think they can hold the world to ransom over their energy again," concluded Shapps. 

The summit participants agreed on a phase-out of fossil fuels and a phased transition to low-carbon energy sources.

"Together, today’s G7 commitments deal a blow to Russia, demonstrating the international resolve to isolate Putin further internationally.  As more countries move away from fossil fuels and towards renewables, this will cut off a vital income stream for his regime once and for all," the UK governmental portal.  

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