Attracting Foreign Investors by Ukrainian Startups

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Attracting Foreign Investors by Ukrainian Startups

Quality technical base, human resources, and supervision of Ukraine correspond to investors' expectations in 2022

But it should be noted that entry into foreign markets depends on the niche. For each product, the features of promotion are different. But several common characteristics attract investors.

Potential investors are interested in the company’s main indicator. This can be:

  • Revenue;
  • Customers;
  • The company defines another type of growth as the basic indicator.

The attractive growth rate is 20-30% compared to the previous month. 

What attracts an investor is that Ukraine is well developed — client reviews. Verified reviews of the product's initial sales before the product's launch indicate the success of the project in the future. In Ukraine, it is customary to give feedback about the product and conduct focus groups. Therefore it is easy for the investor to see the project's prospects.

Also attractive is the fact that the project has an experienced team many years in a row. An appealing factor is that the team is working on a full-time project. It is also important to have IT expertise, as any technological problem requires code writing. Fortunately, Ukraine has some of the world’s best IT specialists.

The latest important indicator is business. Moreover, investors carefully assess marketing opportunities, such as market size. For example, if a company in Ukraine does microcredit, you can find an investor in Asia. Consumer hardware startups will interest North America. In Ukrainian FinTech and Data Science spheres are ready to invest practically from all countries of the world.

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