Australia Sends 30 “Bushmasters” to Ukraine 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, July 13, 2023
Australia Sends 30 “Bushmasters” to Ukraine 

Zelenskyy met with Australian prime minister Anthony Albanese at NATO summit

On 12 July, the president of Ukraine and the PM of Australia met in Vilnius. Australia has announced new support for Ukrainian defence. Anthony Albanese said additional Bushmaster armoured personnel carriers will be transferred to Ukraine. In May, the allied government already approved the transfer of Bushmaster and other military equipment to the defenders of Ukraine worth about $74 million. The new assistance will include 30 Australian vehicles from the firm ADI. Thus, in the Ukrainian army, in service will be 120 machines that can be used on the battlefield as medical machines, firing and engineering support machines.

What else Australia is ready to transfer to the lantern to confront the Russian war on foreign territory is not disclosed. However, Australia reaffirmed its commitment to support Kyiv for the time being. 

In addition, the visit of president Zelenskyy to the meeting of the alliance brought several useful treaties.

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