Australian $73.5 Mln Military Support of Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, June 26, 2023
Australian $73.5 Mln Military Support of Ukraine

Australian PM Anthony Albanese announces a new military aid package for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The politician noted that the new aid package included cars that focus on the changes that are now happening on the front line. Thus, Australia will transfer to Ukraine the aid amount of $73.5 million:

  • 28 M113 armoured vehicles;
  • 14 trailers;
  • 14 special-purpose automobiles;
  • 28 trucks.

Reuters reports that the aid package lacks Hawkei tanks and combat vehicles that Ukrainian defence minister Reznikov requested. However, Albanese said that the government was considering the provision of this equipment. The request was not granted because now it is not the act of total assistance.

"This additional support will have real changes, helping the Ukrainian people, who continue to demonstrate great courage in the face of Russia's illegal, unprovoked and immoral war," said Anthony Albanese.

The extension of duty-free imports of Ukrainian goods supplements the new military assistance package. From 24 February 2022 to date, Australia has imposed sanctions on many members of the Russian Federation, providing humanitarian and military assistance for Ukraine. The total amount of military support was almost $530 million.

Australia has long been a country that has been providing great help to Ukraine in facing a full-scale Russian invasion. The new $73.5 million of military aid shows that the fight for justice will continue.

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