Austria Withdraws “Gazprom” From Its Gas Storages

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Austria Withdraws “Gazprom” From Its Gas Storages

The federal chancellor of Austria said that due to the non-fulfillment of agreements on the use of the storage facilities, "Gazprom's" UGS facilities will be transferred to other companies

On the 6th, Reuters published data on transferring Gazprom's UGS facilities in Haidach to other suppliers. The reason for this decision was that Russia systematically refuses to fill the vault.

"If there is no storage of gas, then the capacities of UGS facilities should be transferred to others. This is critical infrastructure," Austrian minister of energy Leonora Gewessler.

Gazprom, in turn, claims that it owns only 11.11%, while Germany owns a controlling stake in 55.55% of UGS facilities. Federal chancellor Karl Nehammer said that Austria will also use these UGS.

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