Author of Books About “Harry Potter” Spoke Abruptly About the War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 8, 2022
Author of Books About “Harry Potter” Spoke Abruptly About the War

Joan Rowling banned the sale of her books in Russia and told Putin that he was a murderer

As of April 8, Joan Rowling's e-books, namely a few volumes about the wizard Harry Potter, will be withdrawn from sale in Russia. The news was reported by the Russian media. Two Russian platforms have already announced the cessation of sales. However, similar statements should be made by others soon.

The fact is that the copyright holder has imposed a ban on the sale of books in the aggressor country. Joan Rowling has been worried about Ukraine since the beginning. Rowling has been helping children from Ukraine, people affected by the Russian attack. The author of the bestseller has already donated about $1.3 million to children from Ukraine.

Volodymyr Putin seems to have noticed such a step on the part of a famous writer. He compared Russia to the author of the Harry Potter books in one of his recent speeches. Putin stated that his country was the victim of a Western socio-political boycott. Recall that in 2020, Joan Rowling fell under the "culture of cancellation" due to the transphobia that readers saw in one of her posts.

But Joan Rowling did not like this comparison. The writer responded sharply to the president of the aggressor country. She said the killer couldn't critique the Western "culture of abolition".

Writer Neil Gaiman, Joe Abercrombie, and Rebecca Quang also no longer want to broadcast their work among Russian killers and book destroyers.

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