Aviation “visa-free” for Ukrainians

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Aviation “visa-free” for Ukrainians

Ukraine and EU signed the Agreement on the "Common Aviation Area"

Ukraine and the EU signed the Agreement on the "Common Aviation Area"

The 23rd summit between the European Union and Ukraine was held in Kyiv on 12 October 2021.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy represented Ukraine. The EU was represented by the president of the European council and president of the European commission.

The summit reaffirmed the continued commitment to strengthening the political association and economic integration of Ukraine with the European Union, and the European Union's unwavering support to Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Within the summit framework, a number of agreements were signed between Ukraine and the European Union, including the agreement on the Common Aviation Area (CAA).

Thanks to the agreement, Ukraine will receive the same opportunities, rules and standards in air transportation as the EU member states.

Ukraine will be able to appoint its airlines for flights to any EU member states. At the same time, any EU country will be able to nominate any of its carriers for flights to Ukraine. In addition, European carriers get the right to fly on domestic Ukrainian flights.

Air carriers can allow themselves to negotiate the possibility of flights and their number directly with airports. The agreement will contribute to creating a common aviation space between Ukraine and the EU based on common EU standards in flight safety, air traffic control and consumer protection.

The number of flights will increase, the geography will expand, and new opportunities for citizens and businesses will open up. The common Ukraine-EU aviation space will create conditions for new commercial opportunities for the airlines of Ukraine and the EU member states and help attract investments in the aviation sector of Ukraine.

It is also expected that the signing of the CAA will ensure the deepening of cooperation in air transport, including in the context of industrial collaboration, and the development of the existing system of agreements on air services to deepen economic, cultural and transport ties between Ukraine and the EU member states.


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