Avoid — Punished. Where To Put a “Can Not Be”?

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 13, 2022
Avoid — Punished. Where To Put a “Can Not Be”?

17 countries have launched investigations into Russia’s war against Ukraine

Ukraine has established a joint investigative team based on Eurojust after Russia invaded Ukraine with horrific crimes. But in addition to this large-scale investigation, 17 other countries wanted to launch their investigation into the Russo-Ukrainian war. The attorney-general Iryna Venedyktova reported that each country had found its reasons for initiating investigations. Estonia, France, Germany, Poland, and Lithuania were the first countries to declare war studies. Ukraine is already receiving support from the international legal community.

Foreign investigators are already working in the Kyiv region. Let us recall that it was almost a month when the occupiers mistreated the peaceful population of the Kyiv region. The Russian military left hundreds of corpses of mutilated civilians. The Ukrainian side carried out a forensic examination of 270 bodies only in Irpin. Unfortunately, these are not the last of the dead.

17 countries have started centrally gathering information on all illicit activities supporting war crimes. International experts gather evidence of brutality in Bucha and Irpin, Russia’s financing of the Donetsk People’s Republic, etc. Foreign experts are working directly in Ukraine, seeing the consequences of the Russian invasion.

International practice is a special case of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Therefore, the courts work under an accelerated procedure. And although the Russian Federation does not accept the announced charges, the international community assures that every war criminal and executioner of the 21st century will be punished.

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