Baltic Ambassadors in Warsaw Voice Concern Over Polish-Ukrainian Border Blockade

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Baltic Ambassadors in Warsaw Voice Concern Over Polish-Ukrainian Border Blockade

The ambassadors of the Baltic countries have conveyed their dissatisfaction to Polish authorities regarding the blockade by Polish truck drivers at the Polish-Ukrainian border

This situation, as reported by ERR, is causing significant disruptions for other carriers and posing challenges to the Ukrainian economy.

At a meeting in Warsaw with the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure, the ambassadors of the three Baltic nations made a formal demarche. A demarche in diplomacy is a step taken by one government to draw another government's attention to an issue, often accompanied by suggestions for specific actions.

Brita Kikas, a spokesperson for the Estonian Foreign Ministry, expressed respect for the truck drivers' right to protest but highlighted the resultant difficulties. "We are addressing this issue with Poland and hope that a resolution will emerge soon through collaboration between Poland, Ukraine, and the European Commission," Kikas stated in response to ERR's inquiry about Estonia's stance on the blockade.

Estonia is actively seeking a resolution with the incoming Polish government. Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna has already engaged in dialogue with former Polish Foreign Minister Johannes Rau. Moreover, a visit by Poland's new Foreign Minister to Tallinn is planned shortly, during which this issue will be a key topic of discussion.

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed that the blockade at the Ukrainian border was a subject of discussion during Tsakhna's recent meeting with British Foreign Minister David Cameron.

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