“Bayraktar” Plant Is Being Built in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 8, 2022
“Bayraktar” Plant Is Being Built in Ukraine

"Baykar" already registered a company, created a plant project and bought a land plot

The construction of the Bayraktar plant in Ukraine was known last year. The idea is initially successful since motors for Bayraktar Akinci have long been developed in Ukraine at Zaporizhzhia engineering design bureau Ivchenko. Due to the outbreak of war, the plant construction was postponed for several months.

"We are talking about months, not years. We are talking about the fact that relevant contracts and agreements are already being prepared for the start of the construction of this plant. The company has already acquired the land. A Ukrainian company was created, which is an offshoot of Baykar Makina. Currently, work is underway to obtain licenses and permits and start relevant work so production can begin. I will not say exactly in what year or when the aircraft will be manufactured, but the construction will be quite fast. I hope that we will see the foundations of the plant before the end of 2022," said Vasily Bodnar in November.

Now, despite the war, the foundation for the Bayraktar plant in Ukraine has already been laid. Baykar has registered a representative office here, developed an enterprise plan and bought land to build a plant.

"The plant will be built. Just a week ago, the government approved a bilateral agreement and sent it to parliament for ratification, an agreement on the construction of the plant itself," the ambassador Bodnar.

Bodnar stressed that Ukraine is consistently the best option for building the Baykar, as Ukraine has a strong engineering base, and components for several Bayraktar models are produced in our factories.

"It is not only political but also practical since a significant part of the models that will be produced at this plant will have Ukrainian-made components. These can be engines, other spare parts, wheels, many different things, we have high-tech, and maybe used for these aircraft," Vasily Bodnar.

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