BBC Global News Launches Special Section on Ukraine

Monday, September 6, 2021
BBC Global News Launches Special Section on Ukraine

On Friday, September 3, the Ministry of foreign affairs has launched a special section on the country on the BBC Global News channel "Ukraine: Innovating For the Future".

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is internationally recognized and has one of the highest television audience figures in the world with an estimated 121 million viewers. The aim of the information campaign is to form a stable positive image of Ukraine abroad. The project has four components:

  • an advertising campaign on the official page of the TV channel;
  • creation of a special section on Ukraine on the site;
  • demonstration of Ukraine promo on BBC Global News TV channel in four regions of the world;
  • BBC AdScore study of Ukraine's perception among the BBC audience.

"Such a project is implemented for the first time. It is a campaign that will last for several months. The total reach of BBC World News in the regions we have chosen to distribute content about Ukraine — which are North America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia — is more than 360 million people. It means that several millions of people worldwide recognize Ukraine as a modern, innovative and attractive for tourism and business," the foreign minister wrote.

He noted that the project has turned out to be powerful thanks to the cooperation of the state and Ukrainian business: "We have a common goal, that the world associates Ukraine with technologies and innovations, new economic opportunities and successful investments".

The project was implemented by the Ukrainian association of business and trade in partnership with Ukrainian companies Asters, Biosphere Corporation, Depositphotos, DTEK, Sigma Software Group, Smart Holding and SoftServe with the support of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine without the involvement of the state budget.

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