Best Countries for Start-ups

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, December 13, 2021
Best Countries for Start-ups

Ukraine recognized as one of the best countries for start-ups

Ukraine has no lack of inspiration. Foreign investors still believe that it is one of the best countries for new businesses and realization of their business ideas in the shortest time and economically most profitable way.

Despite challenging times for the Ukrainian economy, it still has a chance “to create a technology which is inspiring and global at the same time”– was noticed in the annual report of Global Start-up Ecosystem, published in June 2021. Globally, Ukraine is the 34th country with the friendliest environment for foreign businesses and start-ups even after losing 5 points compared to the previous year when it was the 29th. Kyiv is in the same position as Detroit, Mexico, and Dublin. This year it is 48th, losing 16 points in the global world rate.

Also, there are four more Ukrainian cities besides Kyiv in the list of towns the friendliest to start-ups. They are Lviv, Odesa, Ternopil, Dnipro.

Ukraine is so famous for start-up making because of the number of developers talented and willing to create any technological revolution. And the quality of work and professional level are pretty high. One more advantage is the salary level. The developers are well-paid for their work compared to Ukrainian salaries, but it is not that much for foreign investors compared to their wages.

Big international companies such as Viber, Amazon, and Samsung hire Ukrainian employees to work remotely or for scientific and research work in their Ukrainian centers.

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