Best Project Management Systems: Free Programs

by Olha Povaliaeva
Saturday, January 22, 2022
Best Project Management Systems: Free Programs

TOP-5 free project management systems

It is difficult to develop and market a complex product on time and within the allocated budget. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new starship engine or a mobile app. Anyone working on a project will have to be monitored. Otherwise, the perpetrators start to frustrate the deadlines, shift their assignments to others, and unreasonably demand an increase in the fee. This could get to the point where investors will shut down the project, being unprofitable.


One of the most popular projects completion systems with cloud data storage. Work assignments to small groups can be made, and the development of your project monitoring. To work in it, you need only e-mail and Internet access. 

There are paid subscriptions business class and enterprise with an unlimited number of command boards and several improvements, increased size of attachments in cards, set of tools for automation processes.


A multifunctional service that can be used as a project completion system. It allows assigning tasks and assigning responsibility for their execution, assigning deadlines, and tracking the project's overall development. There is a built-in chat for quick keep-in-touch with all the group members and a detailed analyst who will help to define the KPI of each employee.


Cloud project management system. Suitable for companies of any size and industry. In the service, it is possible to create assignments and calendar plans, monitor the project's development, keep track of the time and budget, write reports, and contact colleagues. There is integration with corporate software, mail, and other services that can be used in your work. 


Multifunctional service for project completion. It will help increase the efficiency of small and large teams. In the list of standard tools — projects and assignments, role division, notifications and reminders, comments, and visual representation of progress in percentage. The service's user interface is intuitive and straightforward, so the team will spend little time studying the tools.


An English-language service for collaborative work on projects. Suitable for small groups and large teams. You can create assignments, detail and tag them, leave comments, likes and checklists. For large-scale projects with many multiple tasks, it is possible to form working areas.

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