Biden Will Personally Collect Weapons for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, July 11, 2022
Biden Will Personally Collect Weapons for Ukraine

The president of the United States went to the countries of the Middle East to get Soviet equipment for Ukraine

The New York Times reports that Joe Biden intends to go to the Middle East for the sake of Ukraine. The American president will ask that the host countries hand over the available Soviet weapons to Ukraine. The exact date of the trip is unknown. However, it is known that Biden also wants to visit Israel as part of the same trip.

The US government believes that Ukrainians will be better able to handle the weapons they know. The armed forces of Ukraine know how to work with Soviet weapons and do not require training. This means that immediately after the transfer of military assistance, the Ukrainian army can begin to defend the country.

But it should be noted that the Ukrainian military successfully uses even foreign weapons. Just last weekend, Ukrainian soldiers were able to carefully and highly destroy 6 Russian weapons depots in the Ukrainian occupied territories.

The newspaper The New York Times also reported that Biden wants to convince China, Brazil, and India to distance from the country-aggressor by joining the anti-Russian coalition. 

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