Biden’s European Tour Before NATO Summit

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, July 3, 2023
Biden’s European Tour Before NATO Summit

John Kirby: Obvious, tangible and very public support for Ukraine

White House speaker Karine Jean-Pierre said ahead of the NATO summit in Vilnius that Joe Biden plans to fly to London to meet with Charles III and Rishi Sunak "to further strengthen the close relationship between our nations." On July 11-12, the president will take part in the summit in Vilnius and on the 13th he will travel to Helsinki for the US-Nordic Leaders Summit.

On June 30, at a press conference at the White House, the strategic communications coordinator of the US National security council, John Kirby, named several priorities for Joe Biden: the unity of allies and support for Ukraine.

"There are 2 things the president is really focused on. One of them is the unity of allies. That is why over the weekend one of the first things he did – as events unfolded (in Russia – ed.) – was to talk on the phone with some of our key allies and partners and kept in touch for several days to make sure we all have the same perspective. And the 2nd thing he's focused on is doing everything we can to ensure that our support for Ukraine doesn't falter and that it was obvious, tangible and very public that we continue to support Ukraine,” John Kirby.

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