Blinken and Guterres Negotiations About the Grain Initiative

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, June 24, 2023
Blinken and Guterres Negotiations About the Grain Initiative

On June 22, talks were held on Russian persistence in weaponising food

Ukraine is one of the guarantors of food security in the world. As the breadbasket of the planet, we have provided grain, oil and other plant products to countless countries. With the start of a full-scale Russian invasion and blockade of the seas, we continued to export grain, albeit in smaller quantities.

The grain initiative, signed between Russia, Turkey and the UN, was extended after its first term. Now that the sanctions have begun to put pressure on Russia especially hard, and the manipulation of shutting off gas to the world no longer works, Russia will probably refuse to renew. Antony Blinken and Antonio Guterres agreed that if the re-signing of the initiative does not occur on July 17, it will be damaging to importers, especially in developing countries. The office of US Department of foreign affairs speaker Matthew Miller provided the information.

The Ukrainian side is sure that Russia will not miss the chance to starve out countries with which it is actively trying to make friends after the whole world has turned its back on it.

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