Bosch Builds a Plant in Ukraine

Monday, September 13, 2021
Bosch Builds a Plant in Ukraine

On September 9, the minister of economy of Ukraine Oleksii Lyubchenko met with the president of the Bosch Group Steffan Hoffmann

Bosch plans to open the production of power tools in Ukraine. Today the company is looking for a suitable plot of land for the plant suitable for all technical requirements.

The message about the construction of the production was received from the president of the Bosch Group in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Central Asia, Mongolia and the Caucasus Steffan Hoffmann.

"For us, Ukraine is an interesting and important region for investment. We have serious intentions to organize power tool production facilities here. Currently in the process of research location for production, analysis of the proximity of markets, skilled labor, and organizational issues," Hoffmann said.

Also during the meeting, state benefits for large investors, plans for decarbonization of Ukraine, the transition to green energy and energy storage were discussed.

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