“Bradleys” Already on the Way to Ukraine 

by Olha Povalaieva
Tuesday, January 24, 2023
“Bradleys” Already on the Way to Ukraine 

American infantry fighting vehicles included in the list of military aid for Ukraine were seen in Poland

In early January, the US announced a new aid package for Ukraine. The Associated Press reported that the US government is preparing to hand over to Ukraine another 50 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and is considering the supply of 100 wheeled Stryker armoured vehicles. Thus, the number of such infantry automobiles in the Ukrainian army increases to 100. Bradley is transferred to the Ukrainian military instead of the M1 Abrams tanks.

January 22, in the news public, appeared shots of the promised Ukrainian tanks. They were recorded on the video already in Poland. American machinery is transported by rail. If these are indeed tanks, which America announced only in early January, the Ukrainian defence will soon become more robust, and military support from partners becomes operational.

Bradley was created in the 1970s but experienced many modifications, including at the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war. These infantry fighting cars are considered modern equipment and are still used by the American army. Standard models are equipped with a 25 mm Bushmaster cannon, a 7.62 mm gun, a TOW rocket launcher, and 6 fixed assault rifles for soldiers. But what kind of cars are heading for Ukraine is not known.

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