Breaking Startup Barriers in Ukraine and Supporting

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 4, 2022
Breaking Startup Barriers in Ukraine and Supporting

What needs to be dealt with in 2022: a survey of developers and analysis of research conducted in the capital of Ukraine 

The Ukrainian startup fund reported in figures on the main barriers that stop the development of new projects in the country. Among such numbers:

  • 39.2% of opinions on the lack of external financing;
  • 48.1% of opinions on the problem of team enlargement.

It is noted that such problems are least encountered if the Ukrainian startup project conforms to the B2C model.

According to 158 respondents involved in new projects in Ukraine, there are also some problems related to:

  • Seeking clients;
  • Search for business partners;
  • Excessive bureaucracy.

Given that Ukrainian startups are increasingly asserting themselves in the country and beyond, their owners have managed to overcome existing barriers. GT Invest has identified the promotion secrets and types of support that are used by the new services in Ukraine.

Startups value practical forms of development highly. These include the analysis of real-life examples of the development of existing companies. Here, the newcomers in the business sphere are helped by an excellent example of management decisions that helped advance the project. All projects participants also note the benefits of coaching and business stimulation.

The Ukrainians also note the benefits of competitions. In recent years, the number of festivals, exhibitions, and competitions at which it is possible to present its designs and business models has increased. This helps to attract Ukrainian and foreign investors.

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