Britain Does No Less For Ukraine Than Ukraine Does For Itself

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Britain Does No Less For Ukraine Than Ukraine Does For Itself

Now the Kingdom stands shoulder to shoulder next to Ukraine, unites the world for our defense, acts as our guarantor, and collects weapons for the Ukrainian army

On March 31, the UK is gathering an international donor conference, the theme of which will be to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons that meet current needs. On March 29, British defense secretary Ben Wallace paid a diplomatic visit to Norway, where he said that "the conference will show what can be gathered from around the world to ensure that Russia does not succeed in its illegal occupation and invasion of a sovereign country."

Also, following the results of the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia in Turkey on March 29, Ukraine named the UK as one of the countries that Ukraine wants to see as a guarantor of its security. To which the representative of the UK in the UN, Barbara Woodward, replied that "We will be happy to play this role if Ukraine asks."

The Kingdom keeps abreast of events in Ukraine and notes that the nature of Russia's war against Ukraine has changed. Accordingly, the requests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have also changed. As necessary support for Ukraine from the Kingdom, Boris Johnson has begun work on providing our army with "more lethal weapons" as the nature of Putin's offensive has become even more aggressive.

"The Ukrainian army is not only defending the big cities, it is forcing the Russians to retreat. Our support must change along with it," a Downing Street spokesman said.

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