Brussels Donated Medical Equipment for Reconstructive Surgery to Kyiv

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 21, 2022
Brussels Donated Medical Equipment for Reconstructive Surgery to Kyiv

The city hall of Brussels donated essential medical equipment for the treatment of Ukrainian soldiers in Kyiv hospitals

On November 18, a delegation from Brussels arrived in Kyiv. And not just came but brought gifts: highly specialized medical equipment for the departments of reconstructive surgery for Kyiv hospitals. This particular area of ​​surgery is the key for Ukraine today because many military and civilian Ukrainians were left without limbs due to the war.

"Reconstructive surgery is among the priorities of the doctors of the capital today. Indeed, in the conditions of war, our defenders end up in medical institutions that need to restore the functions of organs and systems and improve the aesthetic appearance of injured areas of the body. That is why the medical region of the capital is developing this direction," deputy head of the Kyiv city state administration Mykola Povoroznyk.

In June of this year, an extensive department of reconstructive plastic surgery was opened in Kyiv, specializing exclusively in emergency assistance to military personnel affected by Russian aggression. The equipment provided by Brussels will allow Ukrainian doctors to provide their patients with better treatment and, as a result, guarantee a speedy recovery.

Also, the Kyiv city administration extended the Health of Kyiv program for 2023 and expanded the list of medical services for citizens.

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