by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, April 7, 2022

In the photo of corpses from Bucha, Ukrainians recognize their relatives, clients, and neighbors. Who are these people?

At the end of 2021, the population of Bucha was 30.000 people. Now there are 3.700 living inhabitants in Bucha. Someone was able to escape, someone was killed. At least 320 people were killed trying to evacuate. According to official data, almost 90% of the dead civilians in Bucha were found to have bullet wounds, not shrapnel.

"I have seen myself several episodes. 3 civilian vehicles tried to evacuate towards Kyiv, and they were brutally shot. There was a pregnant woman whose man screamed and asked not to shoot her, but they just brutally shot her," the mayor of Bucha Anatoly Fedoruk.

In the intro of this article, you see a woman's hand with a red manicure, and a heart painted on the nail. Now this person, someone's mother, and personality, is known throughout Ukraine as "a woman with a manicure." The photo spread all over the country, and her friend recognized the woman by her nail design. The "manicured woman" is Iryna. She is Ukrainian, a resident of Bucha.

"Iryna went to me for makeup lessons for herself. The last one was the day before the war. She just wanted to live. How many more of my acquaintances, clients, Buchans must die for the world to come to its senses and punish Russia?" the woman who recognized Irina.

According to CNN and satellite images from Maxar Technologies, many of the bodies we saw in the photo have been on the street in the south of Bucha since at least March 18, when the Russian military controlled the city. "There were a lot of corpses around. I don't go, because I can't because of my health, but my grandfather went everywhere and looked... There are 2 corpses between the green and red houses, I don't know how long! They have already turned blue," a quote from a surviving resident.

"Men 50-70 years old were lying along the road with shots through their heads. Young people were lying in the yards — also shot in the head, with their hands tied. These are someone's sons, beloved men, perhaps caring dads or grandfathers. From a man's jacket with a later, a wallet was obtained with a photo of an 8-10-year-old long-haired girl," the quote from a surviving resident.

On April 6, Pope Francis kissed the flag of Ukraine, brought from Bucha, and called for an end to the war.

"Recent news of the war in Ukraine has revealed new atrocities instead of relief and hope. This is the massacre in Bucha. The cruelty that is becoming more horrific, even against civilians, defenseless women, and children. These are victims whose innocent blood cries to heaven and begs: "Stop this war!" Pontiff.

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