Bulgaria Approves Financial Aid for Ukraine to Support OECD Program Participation

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Bulgaria Approves Financial Aid for Ukraine to Support OECD Program Participation

The National Assembly of Bulgaria has sanctioned financial aid amounting to 60,000 euros to assist Ukraine

This contribution is earmarked for Ukraine's involvement in a four-year program run by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which encompasses activities and events with a collective budget of 16.5 million euros.

Despite opposition from Bulgarian factions, who argued that such aid might adversely affect Bulgarian communities, particularly those in the western suburbs, the decision to provide financial support was upheld. Critics, including MP Pavlo Mitova from the "There is such a people" party, voiced concerns that the funds, originally allocated for projects within Bulgarian territories like Bosilegrad, are being redirected to Ukraine amidst ongoing military conflicts, highlighting Bulgaria's efforts to meet certain criteria for OECD membership.

The OECD, an intergovernmental economic entity with 35 member countries established in 1961, aims to foster economic development and global trade.

Bulgaria's Continued Support for Ukraine

Bulgaria has consistently supported Ukraine since the onset of the full-scale invasion by the Russian Federation. The Bulgarian parliament has made several significant contributions, including the approval of non-functional S-300 missiles and the proposal to supply Ukraine with about 100 armored personnel carriers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Despite a presidential veto against the free distribution of armored vehicles to Ukraine, the Bulgarian parliament overruled the objection, underscoring Bulgaria's commitment to aiding Ukraine.

In February, Bulgaria announced additional military support, which notably included armored personnel carriers. By March, the first shipment of 30 wagons loaded with armored personnel carriers was dispatched to Ukraine, cumulatively bringing Bulgaria's aid to Ukraine to a total of 47 million euros. This series of support measures illustrates Bulgaria's steadfast position in assisting Ukraine amid its ongoing conflict and stabilization efforts.

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