Bulgaria Begins Delivery of Armored Personnel Carriers to Ukraine

by Cheplyk Roman
Wednesday, March 6, 2024
Bulgaria Begins Delivery of Armored Personnel Carriers to Ukraine

Bulgaria has initiated the shipment of the promised armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, marking a significant step in its support for the country amidst the ongoing conflict

The delivery process commenced with the loading of the first armored vehicle onto a platform at the General Directorate of the Gendarmerie's base in Sofia, destined for the railway station in Novi Iskar.

The Bulgarian government has committed to sending a total of 110 armored personnel carriers, overseen by the Ministry of Defense. These vehicles are being dispatched in batches of six.

Bulgaria's Support for Ukraine: Bulgaria has been an active supporter of Ukraine since the onset of the Russian invasion, offering various forms of assistance. The Bulgarian parliament previously approved the provision of non-operational S-300 missiles to Ukraine and discussed supplying approximately 100 armored personnel carriers from the Ministry of Interior's reserves.

Despite a veto by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev on the free supply of armored vehicles to Ukraine, the National Assembly later overruled this decision, allowing the transfer to proceed. There have been delays in the delivery of these vehicles, attributed to requests for NATO to cover transportation costs.

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