Butterfly Effect

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, July 10, 2022
Butterfly Effect

Antony Blinken explains how the Russian blockade of Ukraine led to the overthrow of the government in Sri Lanka

Now the citizens of Sri Lanka are going through hard times. Exorbitant prices and the economic crisis have led to growing discontent among the republic's inhabitants. And discontent grew into widespread protests and a change of government.

During his speech in Bangkok, Antony Blinken admitted that these events could be provoked by the blockade of the Black Sea, food shortages and the disruption of the world order that progressive states have been building for 80 years.

"What we're seeing around the world is growing food insecurity, greatly exacerbated by Russian aggression against Ukraine," secretary Blinken.

The criminal actions of the Kremlin have led to a similar situation in Thailand. Prices for fertilizers have increased multiple, which is why farmers cannot manage their farms. Which leads to a local deficit and further consequences.

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