Buy, Sell or Rent: “Diia.Business”

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, December 13, 2021
Buy, Sell or Rent: “Diia.Business”

Ukrainian governmental online site “Diia. Business” has created a new section about land reforms

Its main goal is to allow entrepreneurs and landlords to get helpful information and develop their own business in a sphere of land, the press service of the ministry of digital transformation presented. On their official page, there’s new information available for Ukrainian farmers, landlords, and communes and for those Ukrainians who had no opportunities earlier to buy or dispose of the land.

The information is divided into landlords, landowners, and customers. Generally speaking, landowners can search about who and how and for what price they can sell their land lot, what kind of documents they need, and what taxes they will have to pay.

A customer can get all kinds of information he needs for buying a land lot. It seems valid for those customers who have never had a deal with land purchasing. A renter will have access to all kinds of information about priorities of buying out a land lot, principles of realization of preferential rights, and details of validity of a lease.

Also, on their page, there is a background reference, and also there are some instructions on how to use, buy/sell or rent a land lot. Some general details can be helpful for everybody, not only entrepreneurs and business owners.

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