Canada and Latvia Prepare Trainings for Ukrainian Soldiers

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, May 13, 2023
Canada and Latvia Prepare Trainings for Ukrainian Soldiers

MoD of 2 countries reported the following start of combat training for junior officers from Ukraine

On 10 May, Canada’s minister of defence Anita Anand and her Latvian counterpart Inara Murniece held a conference in Ottawa. They said that in a week, the Ukrainian armed forces training under the UNIFIER program will begin in Latvia. Canadian and Latvian military commanders are involved in the training of Ukrainian officers. On the territory of Latvia, Ukrainians will be trained to manage personnel during combat operations, conduct intelligence operations and develop a plan. Also, junior officers from Ukraine will gain knowledge of the system of coordination of different headquarters and joint work with them. Also, Ukrainian defenders will visit Poland and the UK as part of the training program for engineers and crews of tanks Leopard 2.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian military has passed several training programs from foreign partners, including the ro management of modern military equipment for a year. All instructors note that Ukrainian soldiers learn quickly and skillfully apply knowledge in practice. The acquisition of European military knowledge brings Ukraine closer to NATO and prepares a strong army now. It should be noted that Poland has adopted a resolution on the accelerated accession of Ukraine to the military-political alliance.

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