Canada May Join “Leopard” Supplies

by Olha Povalaieva
Thursday, January 26, 2023
Canada May Join “Leopard” Supplies

The decision to transfer 4 tanks is being considered but has not been accepted

The Canadian media CBC News published an article citing anonymous sources in the state government about the possible donation of 4 Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Perhaps it will be the A4 model Canada acquired from Holland during the Afghan war.

The UK was the very first to announce the transfer of battle tanks for Ukraine — the Challenger 2. Following the UK, the United States announced the transfer of Abrams, now Germany. Germany also permitted Poland, Finland, Spain and the Netherlands to transfer these tanks. The international tank coalition puts pressure on Canada. Today, there are 112 Leopards on the balance sheet of the state, 82 of which are ready for use in combat. According to CBC News sources, the decision to transfer the tanks to Ukraine could be made public as early as January 26. However, the situation is delicate, and you should not bet big on it.

"We will continue to be there to give whatever support we can to Ukraine. I won't be making an announcement today, however, I can tell you we're looking very, very closely at what more we can do to support Ukraine," Justin Trudeau said during a cabinet meeting in Hamilton.

It is known for sure that Canada has allocated 200 armoured personnel carriers for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and will continue to train Ukrainian soldiers.

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