Canadian! Bayraktar! Crowdfund for Ukraine!

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Canadian! Bayraktar! Crowdfund for Ukraine!

Canada has taken over the baton from Lithuania, Poland and Norway and started raising funds for the purchase of "Bayraktar" for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Canada has decided to make a gift to Ukraine on Independence Day, which will take place on August 24. The initiator of the Uhelpukraine campaign was the Ukrainian Community in Canada.

"The Canadian Ukrainian Community is fundraising for Bayraktar. Let's raise $7 mln for our heroes and gift them a Bayraktar by Ukrainian Independence day," wrote Uhelpukraine.

The collection of voluntary contributions among Canadian citizens has already started, and everybody may take part in it from anywhere in the world.

"Around the world, our allies in Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland have raised $1 million to secure and conduct the procurement of the famous Bayraktar drone. It's time for Canadians to step up and do the same," crowdfund initiators.

We remind you that earlier, Lithuania raised funds for a Bayraktar drone and has already transferred it to Ukraine. Poland has already collected 1 million for Bayraktar for Ukraine. The Ukrainians themselves raised funds for 4 Bayraktars in 3 days. Yesterday fundraising for a drone for Ukraine started in Norway.

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