Canadian Oil Service Suspends Cooperation with Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, March 29, 2022
Canadian Oil Service Suspends Cooperation with Russia

March 28 "Calfrac Well Services" Ltd. made a statement on the termination of agreements and the cessation of investment in the aggressive federation

As the company stated in its written statement, Calfrac Well Services "strictly fulfills its contractual obligations in compliance with all applicable laws and sanctions."

Calfrac stressed the immediate cessation of supplies of equipment and components to the Russian Federation. All employees of the Canadian oil and gas company who are involved in the operation with the aggressor country are currently abroad.

"Despite the fact that current sanctions do not limit the supply of spare parts and equipment, the company canceled such supplies at the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine," said Calfrac Well Services.

"We sincerely hope that a peaceful solution will be found as soon as possible to end this humanitarian crisis," said George Armoyan, CEO of the company.

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