Cancellation of 20% VAT and Import Tax for Scientific Equipment

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 21, 2022
Cancellation of 20% VAT and Import Tax for Scientific Equipment

On February 17, the parliament of Ukraine voted for 2 bills supporting scientific organizations that use specialized equipment in their work

In 2016, the law On scientific and scientific-technical activities came into force, one of the articles of which stated that the above taxes were abolished in the process of purchasing scientific equipment. The equipment also includes reagents, chemicals, and materials for conducting scientific activities.

According to the authors of the bills adopted on February 17, the new amendments will not increase the total budget of scientific institutions but will significantly ease their financial fate. In addition, scientists from Ukrainian institutes, academies, and laboratories have been waiting for the adoption of these bills for a long time.

"The adoption of these laws on the abolition of VAT and duties in fact, without the need for additional infusions of budget funds, increases the capacity of domestic science. It should be noted that Ukrainian science is, in fact, in such conditions that it cannot buy almost anything from equipment and reagents, except foreign manufacturers. Therefore, the abolition of customs duties will allow spending budget funds on scientific needs with greater efficiency ", Anton Senenko, senior researcher at the Institute of physics of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine.

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