Carsharing Service “Getmancar” Platform Accepts Investments

by Anna Gayduk
Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Carsharing Service “Getmancar” Platform Accepts Investments

Now anyone can invest in a car rental service from $1000 and receive dividends

Ukrainian car sharing company Getmancar decided to present an investment opportunity. The investments will be aimed at expanding the vehicle fleet. AIN.UA was informed about this by representatives of the company.

Initially, Getmancar worked according to the traditional car-sharing model: it owned fleet of cars that could be rented.

In June 2021, the company became an online platform where users can list their cars for short-term rentals. Many bought cars specifically for this it is more expensive financially and organizationally.

The new investment format implies that Getmancar takes over the purchase of cars, logistics and registration.

“We always thought that it was important for people to own a vehicle so that it was assigned to them, but it turned out that simplicity is much more important. People are ready to transfer full-fledged management to us, this is very responsible and we are grateful for the trust," said Taras Hetmanskiy, CEO of Getmancar.

According to Hetmanskiy, the optimal amount of investment is the cost of the vehicle. However, since there are many willing and ready to share the purchase with other investors, the minimum deposit amount starts from $1000. Depending on the size of the capital, dividends can be 33%, on average 17-20% per annum.

The system is currently working in test mode with several investors. A full launch is scheduled for November 1.

The company notes that at the moment, part of the cash investment is about 10%, but according to forecasts, by December it should grow to 50%.

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